Bumco Wipes Pouch

When you need to change your baby’s diaper, you shouldn’t have to rummage through a cluttered, disorganized diaper bag to find your wipes. At Bumco, we offer a solution to diaper bag organization with our handy and easy to see wipes pouch. This wipes pouch will carry all your wet wipes. The wipes holder features an air tight zip lock on the top so that you can refillable with baby wipes. This refillable wipes container has an easy open lid on the front. Pop open the lid for easy access to all your wet wipes! A balanced wipes pouch can fit 50 sanitizing wipes. Throw this wipes pouch into your diaper bag or use it to replace the wipes pouch in our Diaper Clutch. Our wipes pouch fits Pampers, Huggies, and other wipes brands. The wipes pouch has a durable wristlet that you can slide through your wrist or attach to your stroller or diaper bag. This wipes pouch is perfect for travel. It will fit in your diaper bag, purse, backpack, car, stroller, or luggage without taking up much space. With

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